Eat healthy even though if you can't cook just yet

We all enjoy eating plenty when we travel to Spain. With Vanesa's grandma recipes and the Deli's products, you don't need to travel all the way there anymore to enjoy authentic Spanish food.

We have a mission: helping you cooking and eating Spanish dishes

The Master Plan if you want to eat well at your place from now on.


First, put your cooking skills to a test with the recipes Vanesa's Granny's recipes, our in-house chef. Let's see how well can you do them!

Discover the recipes

If the taste doesn't convince you, might it be the quality of the produce? Find here top-quality Spanish raw materials in the UK. Your recipe will get a boost! 

Buy high-quality produce

Neither with a prescription nor with a Spanish product do you get it? Write to Vanessa! You will have chef staff without moving away from your kitchen 

Cook with Vanesa

You hear typical Spanish food  and you want it so badly

You can't help it.
You know it's world famous.


Your palate and you recognise the top Spanish cuisine in the important dates, like a family event or your yearned Holidays.


We love Spanish cuisine so much that is the perfect excuse to invite some friends over and enjoy it together!

| The deli|

You will smile when you see your pantry

True Spanish produce, like going out shopping in your favourite Spanish city. Do you want to taste Spain? Cuisine with a taste of Spain

But if one day what you really want is to prepare something fast Open up some cans and enjoy instantly and effortless.

Did you wake up with the sweet day? Eat some Campurriana cookies.

What you want. The whim you choose. 

Explore the Deli!

| Cooking Workshops|

You don't need to be a Superchef to eat well

To turn the omelette upside downVanesa guides you step by step. Lessons currently available only en Spanish language.

Look how will you learn to cook. (Only Spanish language)

The dish that everyone likes

Vanesa's cachopo has been awarded 'finalist dish' and 'most original stuffing' in the contest for "Best cachopo on the Mediterranean Coast".

The Asturian answer to winter

With a fabada you have solved more than a day of food. But if you learn from Vanesa, you might as well air it out in one day. Vice!

A renowned dish

When Vanesa cooked take-away food, 'Marmitako' was a usual suspect in the orders. Much simpler of making than you imagined. 

What happens if one day I don't want to cook?

It doesn't matter if it's because you want to surprise your partner at home, for the birthday of the little one in the house, a dinner with friends or a family reunion. You can count on Vanesa for everything.

We all have that day when we don't want to cook, but we would like to have a restaurant table in our own home, prepared by a real chef.

When Vanesa started to devise The Fifth Taste, she wanted you to be able to count on her company for everything.
 Vanesa began to think about the things that can arise in our day to day and realized the need for the figure "Your personal chef"

I want Vanesa to prepare my food
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