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Grandma's croquettes recipe

Do you know somebody who doesn't like croquettes? We don't. And the reason is obvious: they are so, so tasty. It's true they are hard work. The good part? You can make a truckload of them and freeze afterwards. You can enjoy 2 months worth of arsenal of croquettes! Ingredients:...
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Galician pie recipe

There are plenty of recipes for pies in the world. The one from Galicia is tasty. Neither dry nor wet and with a crunchy touch. Besides, it's super easy to make. At least the way I do it! I tell you even my wee son helps me with the filling.
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Marmitako recipe

This has been one of my star dishes ever since I cooked food to go in Edinburgh. Britons, Spaniards, Italians, Greeks... All of them would queue up to taste this delicious Basques' tuna stew. Perfect for those cold winter days. Ingredients: Tuna, Potatoes, Tomatoes, Onion, Red Peppers...
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Cachopo recipe

One of the most famous Asturian dishes. Its popularity has grown big time in the recent decade in Spain. Everybody knows now what a Cachopo is. Some people remain trying to compare it to the cordon bleu but once you taste it you will realise why comparing them is preposterous. Not even close! Ingredients...
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Asturian Fabada recipe

Uncontested star dish of my home region, Asturias. It doesn't matter which part of the world I'm physically in, I'm only one spoon away of getting carried away to my granny's kitchen. Right when my sister and me were young kids.
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Valencian paella recipe

Paella is our most international dish. Who does not know about it? What I doubt a wee bit is for you to know the ingredients of the authentic Valencian recipe or the full method to cook it perfectly. Shall we try? Ingredients: ...
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