PDO Cabrales cheese (100g)

  • Made with raw cow's milk 
  • Self-pressed blue paste cheese matured in a cave.
  • Unctuous flavor with an intense and penetrating smell, the flavor is intense with spicy touches, and leaves a pronounced aftertaste.
  • Quantity: 100gr.


It's time to talk about a product from my land, our cheese! Cabrales PDO!

In the heart of the Picos de Europa. One of the most famous cheeses in the world originates from the Asturian council of Cabrales and the towns of Caravés, Oceño and Rozagás.

There are those who dare to classify him as the true Prince Charming. With an intense, persistent and slightly spicy flavor of this cheese, it has already managed to make even the most exquisite palates fall in love.

Legend has it that Cabrales cheese originated specifically from the carelessness of a farmer. One spring day in March, while milking his cattle, he was dazzled by a shepherdess.

Then he carefully stored the containers and the freshly milked milk in a cave and ran after his beloved.

But after several months of abundance and love winter came, scarcity and hunger, it was then that he remembered the milk he had kept in the cave.

A miracle of nature was in charge of transforming the milk into our delicious Cabrales cheese.

I encourage you to try this incomparable flavor as a starter on a cheese and cold meat board or as a dessert accompanied by our quince jam


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