Spicy pepper

  • Quantity: 75gr.
  • La Vera D.O.P.


The Paprika It is no longer an exclusive pleasure of Spain: little by little it has crossed borders and has managed to earn a place in the best kitchens in Europe, the US, China, Russia or Japan...

The curiosity that this product brings is so great that it has increased visits to the area of La Vera, in Cáceres. Tourism wants to know the origin and benefits of this food, as well as to explore the North of Extremadura.

Many consumers associate the aroma of charcuterie from their land with its peculiar taste and flavour. Surely, without knowing that these are the hallmarks that La Vera Paprika brings to these products.

In short: Paprika from La Vera is an authentic product, identified with the roots of its land and with universal fame.

Out of curiosity, I will tell you that the paprika came from America, and was offered to the Catholic Monarchs in the Guadalupe Monastery. In the 16th century, it was introduced to La Vera by the Jerónimos monks from the Yuste Monastery. From the infinite calm of the monastery, the Jerónimos cradled a treasure for the senses.

From its beginnings in the Yuste Monastery, the cultivation of peppers spread to the irrigated areas of the La Vera region.

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