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As I was already telling you, talking about the Sobrasada de Mallorca in his sweet version  Mallorca and its raw material, in fusion with the food from my land, Asturias, saw some of my best achievements.

In 2017, with an Asturian-Majorcan fusion, we won the award for the most original filling on the Mediterranean coast! In the best cachopo from Spain.

The first historical reference to sobrassada is found in a document dated 1403.

The origin of this sausage dates back to Ancient History. In its heyday in the Middle East, as a food preservation formula.

In the eighteenth century is when one of the most important contributions regarding the final presentation of the product is made. The introduction of paprika, an ingredient that gives it its characteristic red color.

From this moment on, sobrassada becomes not only one of the most traditional foods of the Balearic Islands. ANDn a true gastronomic ambassador.

Its flavor, its reddish color, its texture and its nuances transport us to the flavors of yesteryear, to those of a traditional gastronomy that endures over time and in the culture of an island.

In order to recognize a Mallorcan leftover of quality, several factors must be taken into account:

In the first place, the logo, if it bears the seal that complies with all the regulations so that it reaches the consumer, that is, the PGI seal.

Secondly the meat must be lean. It is one of the main differences between the handmade sobrasada and industrial, since in the industrial ones the fat content is much higher, so it gives fruit to a lower quality product.

In third placeshould not have visible fat concentration. It is important that when cutting a sobrassada we do not find large and visible pieces of fat. The Majorcan sobrassada of quality must present uniform and concentrated.

And last but not least, the peppers. If the paprika is native, it is better since it reaches its optimum point with the introduction of the paprika.

After discovering this I can say that it is that the Sweet Majorcan sobrassada that you are going to buy here, count on all of them!


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