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«You can also eat luxury at home. You do not know how to cook? Learn!”

I am Vanesa García and my mission is that you learn to cook any traditional Spanish dish that you fancy. Even if you think you don't know how to cook. Or that you don't have the best ingredients. Can. Just by proposing

La chef Vanesa García

The Asturian chef that cooks tradition.

Vanesa learnt cooking with her Granny Vicenta, professional chef in Gijón, Asturias. There, Vanesa opened her first restaurant and, in Manacor, Majorca, closed her last one. «Only» to pursue a new exciting life in the country of her dreams: Scotland.

Asturian flavor

Vanesa grew up in the hospitality of Gijón starting the century. 2001, with sidrería El Penalti; 2010, with El Rincón de Baco (wine bar) and El Rincón Celta (tapas bar).

in the heat of Manacor

In 2012 she moved to Majorca and the next year she opened the successful restaurant El Norte. In three years, Vanesa took it to the top 6 restaurants in Tripadvisor out of 4,719 restaurants in Majorca.

and to the cold of Scotland

After a trip with her husband, they fell in love with Scotland. Vanesa moved away from Majorca looking for a more private, calm family life. And she ended up creating a 'cloud kitchen'! 

Spanish 'cloud kitchen' in a pandemic

The Fifth Taste started with take-away food in Edinburgh. April 2020. Optimistic, brave, absolutely crazy... Vanesa earnt a few adjectives and the satisfaction of watching her customers enjoyed typical Spanish food.

But 2020 was complicated, wasn't it?

Vanesa wanted to rent a place to meet the demand she had. Impossible in the middle of a pandemic. Then one of her clients asked her if she could teach her how to make a potato omelette…

Taller cocina especial parejas


Ana had never cooked a potato omelette in her life. Although he had seen her prepare several times in a Spanish restaurant where she worked.


When Vanesa asked her why hadn't she googled a recipe, Ana was crystal clear: «I don't have enough time to learn by trial/error... and I really hate wasting food». 


Ana added to her request that she wanted to surprise her boyfriend, a Scotsman in love with the Spanish potato omelette. 

And so, in short, The Fifth Tasteedin born of love 


Classes started at the request of clients

The first to learn from Vanesa as a chef were some of the regulars at The Fifth Taste.

The star recipe? Croquettes. Explosion proof in pan, poor batter consistency and bland fillings. 

La Tiendina opened it for friends

More and more people in Edinburgh were asking him for cider or village sausages.

And in the north, anything for friends! And for the neighbors of friends. And the friends of the neighbors of the friends. And the friends of the friends of the neighbors… well, you already understand, don't you?

Trust Vanesa if you want to eat well (Spanish style)

She has the teaching skills, the experience, she's a people person and a teaching degree; you can tell during her lessons. And she has also the awards!

Finalist dish

«The Best Cachopo of the Mediterranean Coast» Edition 2016

Premio a El Norte por su cachopo en 2016
Most original filling

“The Best Cachopo of the Mediterranean Coast” 2017 Edition

Cachopo Asturiano
Fifth semi-finalist

International Contest “Fabada Asturiana” 2018 Edition

Quinta semifinalista concurso de fabada internacional

Does your stomach ask for a contest cachopo?

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